Vehicle Air Conditioning

ARE Services Ltd provide a vehicle air conditioning service. We can diagnose your car air conditioning problem or recharge your AC (known as regassing).

If your vehicle air conditioning isn't performing as well as it should and you are feeling the heat then let us diagnose the problem. We recommend running the AC on a vehicle at least once a month (yes even in winter, just for a short 5 minutes) as the compressor has a seal that relys on the oil to help it do it's job of sealing the refrigerant in. If that seal isn't lubricated then the refrigerant can slowly leak out. This results in poor perfomance and extra fuel consumption. Let ARE Services check your vehicle AC and put it back to new.

As well as vehicle air conditioning we can also diagnose, repair and maintain transportation refrigeration such as those found on delivery vehicles.

Please contact us to book your vehicle AC appointment.

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